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      Lumberjack Nick

      Hello all,

      wondering if anyone can give me an update on current trail conditions of Southfork Trail (Ex: snow, river crossing, wash outs, etc). This is all assuming that the parking lot is open currently. I’m also aware of the first .25 mile where the trail was washed out last season.

      I’m most concerned with the snow level after this big week of storm and flooded trail. Also where can I purchase a parking pass with all the stations closed?

      Any information is helpful so thank you in advance. I hope you’re all staying safe.

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      Ranger Lon

      The latest snow depth map I found shows only a few inches deep in the Horse Meadow area, getting to 12-18 inches deep by South Fork Meadow. Above there you can expect the snow/ice to be more significant. I recommend microspikes (at least) up to the meadows trail fork and then above there I’d suggest that you be prepared to put on crampons to deal with the thicker ice. Snowshoes may be useful somewhere in the 9,000 foot level and above.

      So far just going by local knowledge and seasonal reports up to late March to guide me. If you decide to go, first be safe (of course) and second I can use first hand reports and would appreciate anything you can share about the conditions.

      Hope that helps

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      Ranger Lon are they checking for America the Beautiful or day passes currently? Mine expired and I don’t know where to buy a new one since everything is closed. I went online and it said they aren’t issuing them on the website either. Thank you

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      I went up Tuesday the 14th to ski Charleton peak.   Mixed snow and dirt from the parking lot to horse meadow.  Snow coverage was maybe 4-6 inches at horse meadow but enough to skin up from there.  However, by the return at the end of the day the snow melt was significant and from horse meadow down the trail was more mud than snow.

      I’d guess that the snow on the trail from horse meadow to poop out hill has mostly melted out after the past few days.  On Tuesday poop out to slushy meadow had maybe 6 to 12 inches snow and was easy skinning (and skiing down) but again this has likely melted out significantly since then.

      Slushy meadows on up has more substantial snow pack and snowshoes/spikes/skis etc. would likely be required as one moves up from there.

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      Ranger Lon

      Regarding America the Beautiful or Adventure passes, call the Forest Supervisor office Mon – Fri at 909-382-2600 to ask them.

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      I hiked the South Fork Trail today. (Tuesday 4/21). There is virtually no snow until you get to the Dry Lake/Dollar Lake junction at South Fork Meadows.

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      Thanks Kacey.

      If you hiked past the Dry Lake/ Dollar lake junction how far did you go and how was the trail?

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        I only hiked to South Fork Meadows.

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      I hiked up South Fork today (4/22)  towards Dry Lake. The snow actually starts about 100 yards before the Dry Lake/Dollar Lake  junction. After that, I post holed a little walking up the trail. I took the trail to the switchbacks to Dry Lake but turned around on the third switchback because the trail disappears in the snow. I should have stuck with the winter route because it still seems to be well covered. You could still even make good use of snow shoes.

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      5/6 hiked up to Dry Lake no snow till right at Dry lake, minimal. Lodgepole area melting quick. The next day headed to Dollar Lake about a mile in large patches of snow on the trail, post-holing so I turned around. the farther i went the more snow there was on the trail


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