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      Went up Wednesday morning 5/13.  No snow at all until Dry Lake, which was the last chance for water (without having to melt snow). Thereafter snow patches but no special equipment needed til Mine Shaft Saddle. Here, we put on snowshoes and started traversing but had to stop just before the switchbacks because the snow conditions were bad (icy, powdery, mushy depending on sun exposure) and the sun was going down.  So we descended a chute to a flat area just east of the saddle and set up camp.  I think on hindsight a super early start (firm snow) would have allowed us to finish the traverse with crampons and minimal fuss.

      On the way back to the parking lot, I was struck by how extremely roundabout is the currently prescribed first section of the trail to Poopout Hill (presumably redirected because of the danger of falling trees from the previous fire).  On the way up, we had wandered and wound up on the wide road which avoids all that interminable switchbacking.

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      Traversing the sky high trail is dangerous even with ax and crampons.  People have died doing this.  Your better off going straight up and down the north face in the snow if conditions permit.

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