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      Mark Ratz

      Did three days/two nights from Vivian Creek to the summit.

      Found the spring just west of the junction for halfway camp, it was flowing well. Since no signage, hard to know it is there. We found it immediately though. there is a small foot path just behind a fallen tree. it will take you on a 3 minute or so walk until you hear trickling water.

      There was a small bear sighted at halfway camp. We did not see ourselves but heard from another hiker. Make sure you bring your bear boxes or hang your food high.

      Camped two nights at High Creek camp, creek was flowing really well. Conditions were perfect. Cool upper 40’s at night, and pleasant 70’s during the day.

      Mosquitos were at camp, but not too bad. We saw two ticks on the trail! I have never seen a tick on the trail out there, so it surprised me.

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      Excellent report.  Thanks for posting.

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