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      I completed the South Fork Loop Trail clockwise, from Dry Lake to the Dollar Lake Trail on 6/24/22.  My observations follow:

      – The trail is in good condition. There are a full trees down, but they are easy to get around. Thanks to our SGWA volunteers for their service!

      – Water is scare. I was told that the Lodgepole Spring is dry and the Dollar Lake Spring is dry as well. There is a small “seep” above the South Fork stream crossing, about a half mile before Dry Lake. But it is just a trickle. Please note that I didn’t inspect either spring, but was given this info by campers and the volunteer rangers.

      – Thus, the only water off South Fork is the stream crossing roughly four miles from the trailhead.

      – Dry Lake is dry now. Most people know that, but a picture follows.

      Hope that helps!



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      Excellent report.  Thanks Dan.

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      hiker girl

      Agreed – great report and pics!

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