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      Is the trail reasonably passable to Johns Meadow from the Forsee Creek trailhead?

      Has the trail to Johns Meadow from the San Bernardino Peak trail mostly vanished or can it still be followed?

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      Trail crew did a project to clear that not long ago. Maybe someone who’s been up there in the last month will comment. I was told that if there’s even a little breeze there is tons of ash floating around, not particularly healthful.

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      SGWA trail crews worked trail up to the last 0.5 mile to the camp.

      We didn’t notice any flying ash but the trail is a little tricky crossing 2 big ravine washouts at about 2 miles in. Also the last 0.5 mile to camp is just following foot prints at times to Forsee Creek crossing.

      Johns Meadow Camp had some burn damage but just beware of stopping under any burnt standing trees. Also be careful of loose rock when going up or down the washouts.

      SGWA volunteer

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      Excellent information.  Is there a significant number of trees along the way that appear to still be alive or did they all badly char?

      What about the area immediately along the banks of Forsee Creek, which always held a large variety of orchids and other flowers?  A part of this area seems to always be wet from a seep somewhere.  Did the banks survive, or are they covered in debris?

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      Forsee Creek crossing wasn’t washed out and had no flooding effects.

      The banks along the Forsee Creek in that area seem to be the same but higher up or lower down the creek could have some flooding effects.


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