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      Hey all —

      Hiking up to San Gorgonio peak via Forsee creek trail next week – camping at Red Rock Flat trail camp. Wondering about water availability at Trail Fork springs as well as High Meadow springs. I’m concerned this weekends wild heat wave may have impacted water reliability right now. Thanks in advance!

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      Hey John,

      I’m not sure if you knew but over the weekend there was a wildfire in the SGW and all the trails and wilderness campgrounds in the San Gorgonio wilderness is closed at the moment. The wildfire is at 5% containment. I was actually hiking on the mountain when it happened and had to get to safety when we saw the smoke. I can’t really answer your questions about the water but wanted to let you know that you might have to make plans elsewhere in case the trails are not reopened next week.

      I also have a backpacking permit reserved later on this month. Hopefully everything works out and we can get back out there!

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      Oh wow! thats crazy – I didn’t see anything about the fire. Thanks for the heads up.

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      I was planning an over night hike on the Forsee Creek Trail with my grandchildren next week (26-27th).  Now with the fire I need to find a similar 3-4mile hike to a camp site that has a water source.  Anyone have ideas?  Thanks//

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        Mike — Instead of backpacking, you might try one of the car camps along the 38  and do day hikes outside the wilderness, e.g., the Santa Ana River Trail.

        If you’re set on backpacking, consider Round Valley or Tamarack Valley, both easy hikes from the Palm Springs Tramway.  You’d need to get a camping permit, $5 per person, available by mail or in person.  I’d recommend calling the Mt. San Jacinto State Wilderness, 951-659-2607, to find out about availability of permits and of water.  We hiked on the west side of St. Jacinto on Monday and saw some flow in some, (but not all), of the streams.  You cam purchase your tickets for the tramway on-line – it saves waiting and also gives you a definite ride time.

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      Hey Mike

      I just started backpacking recently so I’m not too seasoned like everyone else here. After some research, though, my friends and I are planning to hike a trail from Islip Saddle to Little Timmy campground in the Angeles National Forest that’s about 4 miles round trip. We’re continuing on to Mt. Baden-Powell for 16 miles round trip but I’ve read there’s Mt. Islip nearby for 6.3 miles round trip.

      You can also hike from Crystal Lake Campgrounds to Little Jimmy for 6-7 miles round trip.

      Good luck on your adventures!

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