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      Is the trail open for public use? From the previous posts, it seems they might be. We already have a permit and want to confirm that it is open before driving over.


      Thank you!

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      Ranger Lon

      Developed campgrounds and picnic areas remain closed until at least 5/15, but trails and dispersed camping are NOT closed at this time. We are issuing permits for overnight trips via the email request forms for dates from now to 90 days out. Day hikes are not required to have  a permit, but we offer a voluntary form for safety precautions. See the Wilderness Permits link above.

      Most weekends for the next 6 weeks are very busy and some locations are already full. Check our Permit Availability calendar for camps that are still available.

      Also keep in mind that the trails and parking are expected to be VERY crowded as a result of this increased demand. If you are trying to get away from the COVID crowds, this is probably not the place to go.

      Search and Rescue is also not immediately available in many cases, so consider this when planning your trip.

      Finally, if the crowds draw attention for not obeying social distancing (like what happened at the beaches) don’t be surprised if action could be taken to close down the trails. Not saying it will happen or that anyone is considering it at this time, but pointing out that it could happen.

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      Thanks Ranger Lon.

      Do you have a feeling of the opinions of the local residents regarding how they feel about having hikers around?

      I’ve heard random stories of vandalism and/ or stories of upset locals (not specifically in the San G area).  Would hate to come back to my car only to find broken windows etc.

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      Ranger Lon

      Vandalism and burglaries are not a big problem, but they do occur. Criminals know you are likely gone for a long while when you park at a trail head, so it is a concern. Be sure not to leave valuables in your car.

      I have heard that some residents are unhappy about people coming into their community when we are all supposed to be following stay at home orders. Naturally, some people want to take advantage of the mountains and believe they can do so safely, so you can see both sides of the issue.

      I don’t expect that residents are necessarily doing this as it could be anyone messing around.

      Also keep in mind that they are also dealing with people illegally parking in areas that are CLEARLY posted and the Sheriff’s office is responding to residents when they call to complain about visitors parking on the road and blocking their driveways. Yucaipa PD posted on facebook about it today with outrageous images of vehicles parked right next to a No Parking Anytime sign. They issued several parking tickets today and will be a constant presence in Forest Falls and Angelus Oaks, so think before you park.

      Forest Falls - May 2 2020

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