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      I am somewhat reluctant in posting this, as my reason for going to the Wilderness is to get away from people. But I also recognize the purpose of the Wilderness Act to get people into the wilds.

      On Saturday August 6, and again on Saturday September 3 (neither day affected by 38 closure), I traveled through Dry Lake-Lodgepole area right at as it was getting dark. I also knew that for both dates, it was not possible to get a permit for either Dry Lake or Lodgepole. And yet, both sites were empty! On September 3, there did appear to be one party in Lodgepole. For a Holiday weekend, I was a bit surprised.

      My theory is that people just book their permits way out and then forget about them. Then when it gets reported that Lodgepole spring is dry, they just decide that hauling water a mile up an easy trail is just too hard and decide to bail.

      I’m sure there are many out there who wouldn’t mind getting a Saturday night at Lodgepole.

      Anyway, maybe there is a way through the system to send out confirmation emails that require a response or the permit goes back up for grabs or a limit has to how far out you can reserve a permit. I know I talked with a guy last year in the South Fork parking lot who told me he books permits for most weekends in the summer–just to get them whether he can actually go or not.

      Just some thoughts.


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      I meant to add, that this is a totally minor grievance. The permit system is really great and easy to use. So thanks to all who had a role in setting that up!

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