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      Joyce C

      <p style=”text-align: left;”>I have a question about the campsites at Vivian Camp. So we followed the Vivian Creek Trail until the sign for the turnoff for Vivian Camp with an arrow, and we followed the side trail, then there was another sign saying Vivian Camp with another arrow, pointing to the same trail that we were on,  now going up a hill. I saw two spaces further up a hill that were parking space sized flat areas, but we passed those since we had 2 tents and they wouldn’t fit on those sites.</p>

      I was still thinking we had to go further since Gaia GPS map indicated the site was further in, and the Tom Harris map didn’t sbos enough detail in exactly where the site was (except some small mileage off the trail).

      We crested the hill, and nothing looked like a promote campsite, and Gaia GPS says I’m still not there. Then the trail ends and I’m bush wacking past some shrubs, beds of pine needles, down a hill, and came out a meadow but there still no campsite in sight. Just a meadow :/

      So we went all the way back to the second sign, and just decided to go back down to where it was actually flat, closer to the trail and set up camp since we’re wet both tired and it was getting pretty hot. But the “site” we en ended up waaay closer to the trail than I expected. There were signs that someone else camped there before, but it was barely 200 ft from the creek…

      I since there were only 4 permits left for the site when I registered, I thought there would be other people arriving I could ask, but we didn’t see any other backpackers, so we just stayed where we were.

      So my question is: Where exactly (or somewhat more precisely) is the backpacking area in Vivian Camp?Here's where we looked for Vivian Camp

      This isn't Vivian Camp....

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