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      Hi all,

      I’m looking to hike to either the San Gorgonio summit (via Vivian Creek) or San Bernardino Peak (via Angelus Oaks) this coming up weekend (4/22), depending on which trail conditions are better.  I’m OK with some snow but prefer to not lose sight of my feet while hiking.  Anybody have any recent info on these trails?



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      Hello Todd,

      I was up on Vivian Creek this past weekend so I can tell you about that trail but I don’t have any info on San B.  Vivian is clear all the way to Halfway Camp and about a mile past with just little patches of snow here and there.  But… getting to High Creek is still ice axe and crampon conditions, mandatory!  There is no trail going up to High Creek, you go straight up the side of the mountain.  In fact, I set a whole slew of pink ribbons to help guide people up because if you try and follow the trail, it’s not there.  There are still several feet of snow at High Creek and again, no trail going up where the switchbacks are supposed to be, it goes straight up, but no pink ribbons, I haven’t gone up that far.  It’s pretty straight forward though.  There is plenty of water everywhere all the way to High Creek so don’t worry about that.  Have your permit ready and the right gear, I will be up there and will not let you go up without proper gear.  I turned around a group of four last weekend.  Once the trails are back it will be fine to have just micro spikes, not yet.  See you up there,

      Ranger Dave out.

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        vanessa c

        Hello Ranger Dave!!

        Could you give an update on Vivian Creek Trail conditions. I have a permit for this coming weekend.

        Thanks so much!!

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      Thanks for the info, Ranger Dave!  We may try our luck on San B. instead, unless my buddies are feeling adventurous.

      Thank you!

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      Todd, what were the conditions like on San Bernardino Peak Trail?

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      Hi – thanks for these resources.  Are there any updates available on conditions beyond High Creek?  I have a permit for this coming weekend (29 April), but am not conditioned, equipped, or skilled to try my hand at axe & crampon hiking (although I’d love to work my way there eventually).

      I may need to opt for a peak closer to home, and will attempt to climb Gorgonio again later this year.


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      Hi guys and gals,

      I have permits to camp at high creek next weekend, May 7th-9th.  Does anybody have any info about the condition of the campsites? Also wondering if we still need crampons, or will microspikes be sufficient?

      Thanks in advance!

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      Can anyone suggest a place to camp this Sat. near
      Vivian Creek TH? We have day permits for Sunday.
      Is there BLM land nearby where we can wilderness camp? Established campgrounds are full or not open. And a cuurent trip report would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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        chris in redlands


        People often camp in mill creek canyon just above where the Vivian Creek Trail crosses Mill Creek, less than a mile from the parking lot in Forest Falls.

        This is backcountry camping, and you won’t find the area listed as a campsite, but it’s USFS land, it’s not Wilderness, and I have to assume that dispersed camping a reasonable distance from the creek itself is totally okay. In any event, there’s nobody out there patrolling it, so if you leave no trace, you should be fine.

        As a bonus, you’ll get to see the occasional person who missed the turn for Vivian Creek Trail, and ended up heading toward the Jumpoff! Ha!

        It’s beautiful up there too. Enjoy.


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      There is no camping near Vivian Creek trailhead or the town of Forest Falls. The nearest camping sites that are currently open are in Yucaipa Regional Park or Barton Flats Campground. Also SBNF has other remote primitive camping at Yellow Post Sites and Thomas Hunting Grounds that are reached by dirt roads and have no drinking water.

      Here is Forest Service web link:

      SGWA Volunteer

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      Went up San Bernardino Trail 4/23. Trail is clear up to about 9000′ but for a shady snow spots and a couple of downed trees. Snow was still very solid for a warm day above 9000′. Post-holing was rare. Micros and poles are adequate but crampons would be better.

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      Trail conditions are probably best summarized with pictures/video so you can determine for yourself what is needed to ascend safely.

      San Bernardino Trail 4/27/17 –

      San Gorgonio via Vivian Creek Trail 4/20/17 –

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