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      Hiked Vivian Creek from TH to summit on 5/14/22.  Only a few small patches of snow left above high creek.  Most hikers in light hiking boots or trail running shoes.  Water running plentiful at high creek, halfway, and vivian creek camps.  Sufficient snow on the summit to melt for water if camping overnight, but probably in it’s last couple of weeks.

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      Hi Tim,

      Thank you for your trail report and water status.

      You listed Halfway Camp for having water?

      Can you reply with where you found water at Halfway Camp?


      SGWA volunteer

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      Thanks for the report, Tim.

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      SGWA Volunteer, thanks for the reply and for noting that I should have been more clear – the Vivian Creek source spring is pooling healthily about 1 mile lower on the trail from Halfway Camp.   Thanks for pointing that out.

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      Thanks Tim for replying.

      I think the spring you are referring to is about 1/2 mile from Vivian Creek Camp junction sign which usually flows all year.

      There is a unreliable water source near Halfway Camp. It is just before the Halfway Camp junction sign and off trail in the dry creek bed. It doesn’t usually last through summer and can be hard to find. Sometimes you have to listen carefully for tickling water to find it.

      Here is a map:


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