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      Out of stater here, so please forgive any stupid questions.  I got a day permit to hike Vivian Creek Trail to San Gorgonio Peak today but am unable to use it because of a last minute work schedule change.

      Question #1 Do I need to cancel the permit and if I do how do I do it.  I can’t seem to find any info on the website either way.

      Question#2 Since the permits are good for 12 people is there anyway I could tag onto someones permit for Sat or Sun?  I just one to do it as a 1 day up and back.


      Thanks in advance to any and all help, its much appreciated.



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      Welcome to the busy summer weekends at SGW.

      Qu#1 Please cancel or request changes to a permit by going to the “Wilderness Permit” web page and select “Contact” link.

      Qu#2 Yes you could tag along with a group of 11 or less if the leader / permit holder is willing to accept the responsible for you as a group participant. Otherwise you could try to summit from another trailhead that does have permits available. (possibly Aspen Grove / Fish Creek)

      Hope that helps.

      SGWA volunteer

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        Thank you that helps me a ton.  appreciate the quick response

        edit: facepalm,  I just realized it literally says cancel  right on the click button.

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