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      Good morning, planning a trip from Vivian Creek Trailhead to San Gorgonio this weekend, one day of 11/15 – 11/17.  I’m new to this mtn.  Is this advisable as a day hike in November?  Overnight at Vivian or Halfway?  Any idea of temperatures at those points?  Do you know if water is available at the typical points this late in the season?

      Greatly appreciate it,


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      Felipe de España

      Is it a 1 day or 2 day? V. Creek is a great hike! Great training for Mt. Whitney if that’s in your future. Lots of elevation gain right from the start. Water at Vivian Creek when you reach the wilderness entry sign, Halfway… might have to bushwhack up the creek bed to find it. High Creek always has agua (follow creek bed to the spring. Preferred place to camp by most for an overnighter. Right out of H.Creek your pushing up some high elevation numbers to the summit.
      Night temps are probably at or close to freezing this time of the year. Be prepared! Day hike is a real kick in the butt, start early if this is your plan with the sun setting at 4:45-500pm it’ll be dark when your heading out.
      Hope this helps,
      Felipe de Espana

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      Does anybody know if the Vivian Creek trailhead parkinglot will be open?

      Sometimes when there is a lot of snow they close it and we are expecting a good amount of snow Wednesday and Thursday.

      Does anybody has any information?


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      Felipe de España

      Got Snow gear? Meant to snow down to 2,000. I live in upper Yucaipa (about a mile from Mill Creek Ranger Station), suns out but, the temps are COLD. S.G.Wilderness will no doubt get snow we reports hold true.
      Call the Ranger Station desk and ask about the gate? Lower parking lot should be opened if snow plows clear road. Just as guess on that.
      Be Prepared!
      F. de España

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