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      I am planning a trip next week and was hoping to get an update on water availability at either Lodgepole Springs or Mine Shaft Spring. Depending on which is a more reliable source will help determine where I camp.

      Thanks for any information.


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      I’m heading in to the area this weekend and have same questions. I’m assuming water below Mineshaft should be good. But I’m also assuming Lodgepole is done. I was in there a month a go or so and it was pretty low.

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      Alon Wiedenman

      Do either of you have any advice on how to get to the Mineshaft Spring?

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      I camped at Mine Shaft Flats last weekend and Mine Shaft Spring is flowing strong. You take the Big Tree Camp trail (North Fork Meadows) out of Mine Shaft Flats camp. Follow it for about 0.4 miles. You have to descend the slope off trail for 100 yards or so before you get to the spring.  The coordinates to get off the trail are 34.10397, -116.80894. At least that’s what my device recorded. Interesting note, if you see a rotor from a helicopter wreckage, you are in the right spot.

      This is also a link to my recorded track on Gaia GPS: https://www.gaiagps.com/map/?loc=17.4/-116.8097/34.1076&pubLink=DcUe2B5t1U4yIwZSNut5CSJM&trackId=229f24f92769f8c56137a5ae69e19a3b

      Hope that is useful.

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      I camped at Trail Flats 7/18-7/19 and Lodgepole Spring is running. It’s slow but 2-3 liters a minute. Our group filtered at least 20 liters at the spring.

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