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      Trail Report: Water Update
      Forsee Creek
      Jackstraw Spring: water is flowing slowly at both of the two springs. The one closest to the camp is flowing slower. It will be a little tricky to maneuver a water container to capture the flow, but certainly doable. If you have a pump style filter with a separate hose to place in the little pools it will be easier. Tanking up on a lot of water here to carry up the trail will be cumbersome and time consuming but possible.
      Trail Fork Springs: not a “reliable” water source. Water does not flow from the pipe. There is a slow trickling flow back in the crevice behind the pipe. It will be difficult to position a water bottle properly to fill it up completely. There is no little pool of water to pump out water. The area is very muddy and fly infested with animal droppings as well. Use this only as a last resort.
      High Meadow Springs: still a good source of water. As always there are three or four rivulets flowing down the beautiful hanging meadow. The flow has slowed quite a bit in the last month, but just walk down the meadow a little ways and listen for loudest gurgling sounds and you can find a nice clear flow over rock with good water bottle access.
      Yes, as most of you know late summer means it is tough for water in our mountains, limiting your options for overnight backpacking.
      Option #1: Stick to the reliable streams. But that means dealing with crowds, especially on the weekend.
      Option#2: Haul up all your water, or cache it ahead of time to your favorite “dry camp” for more solitude. But that can be a bit of a pain.
      Option #3: Just go on a day hike and don’t worry about water…..
      …..Or better still, take two or three sick days and head up to the Eastern Sierra. It’s not that long of a drive and there is water everywhere. McGee Creek should be great right now. I’ll meet you at Lake Crowley!

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