Free Wilderness Permits are required for all hikes into the San Gorgonio Wilderness.  They may be requested online at   A limited number of “day-of” permits will be available at Mill Creek Ranger Station when Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.  All visitors parking a vehicle in  San Bernardino National Forest developed parking areas ( bathroom, picnic tables) must also have the required Adventure Pass posted in their vehicles.

Open water sources are easily contaminated by human and animal waste. Don’t drink water from springs, lakes, ponds, or streams without treatment. Recommended treatment methods are iodine, boiling, or any number of filters commercially available.

It is very important to carry a map with you, they can be purchased at the various visitor centers and the Back Country Store.  Each year visitors are lost simply because they do not have a map.  Know where you are and where you are going to make your hiking experience more enjoyable and safe.  

PLEASE NOTE: The mileages indicated in the descriptions below should only be used as an approximate guideline, NOT exact measured distances. We have done our best to supply accurate information and distances, but inaccuracies may exist.

Download the official trail mileage charts below.



Also check out our Trail Conditions Map. This is a crowdsourced map and information on it, especially concerning water sources, is not guaranteed to be correct.