Lost Creek Trail

The Forest Service reopened the Lost Creek Trail in August 2018, however it was heavily damaged during the Lake Fire and the trail is no longer visible in many areas and overgrown in others. Until work can be done to make this trail safe, we do not recommend use of this trail

The Lost Creek trailhead is across Highway 38 from the South Fork Campground. Beginning at the parking lot (6,320′), it crosses under the bridge. The beginning of the Lost Creek Trail follows the Santa Ana River Trail (2E03). After approximately .5 mile, the Lost Creek Trail splits from the Santa Ana River trail and heads up an old jeep road for about 1 mile before heading off (south/west) on a trail towards Grinnell Ridge Camp (no water-8,500′). From the Grinnell Ridge Camp, the trail descends into South Fork Meadows and meets with the South Fork Trail.

This trail is one of the most underused and offers solitude and good views north to Santa Ana Canyon and Sugarloaf Peak.