North Fork Whitewater River

This trail is closed as of July 2015 due to the Lake Fire. A current Forest Order extends the closure through July of 2017.

The best access to this trail is via the Fish Creek Trail (8,180′). Two camps are accessible from Mineshaft Saddle (9,960′). From Mineshaft Saddle, the trail descends northeast to Mineshaft Flats (1.1 miles-9,600′). The camp lies to the west of the trail. Water is available approximately .3 miles along the trail below the camp.

One mile beyond (and below) Mineshaft Flats is Big Tree Camp (8,400′). Water is available from the North Fork of the Whitewater River.

This area is remote and rugged and offers the visitor solitude and far-off views of Yucca Valley and Joshua Tree National Park.