Water Sources

Water availability will be scarce in 2021.  We have an active Facebook page where there is usually current water info. A good source is our Forum.  If you don’t see a current post about water in the area you’d like to visit, submit a post and ask – there is almost always someone who has been there recently. Veteran hiker “Hikin’ Jim” has compiled an interactive map of the Wilderness, including the location of many water sources, some not in this list. Visit his blog here.

List of Water Sources

Effective10/2/21 until further notice.  

Big Tree:  water is readily available year round

Dollar Lake: no water

Fish Creek Camp:  Stream crosses trail .5 miles up from camp.  slow flow but still available. suggest you bring water

Fish Creek Saddle: No water. Go down to Lodgepole. 

Halfway Trail Camp: as of 5/2021 there is no water

High Creek Trail Camp: water is available but low

Lodgepole Spring:  spring is running but the flow is slow, suggest you bring water. .  There is a tiny spring just below the trail before you get to the lake that is usually reliable.

Mineshaft Flat:  Water is .3 mile down trail below the camp. Comes from a spring under the trail, watch for it on your left going down canyon.  Always reliable.

South Fork Meadows: Takes its name from the South Fork of the Santa Ana River; water is very reliable and lasts all year.

Vivian Trail Camp: Creek is in camp; water available 

Alger Creek, water available year round

Dobbs Camp water available year round

Saxton water available, – about 200 yards north of the camp, year round