Wilderness Permits

As of October 11, 2020, the Wilderness has been closed due to the El Dorado Fire, All trails leading from the trailheads to the Wilderness are also closed. We will not be issuing permits for the Wilderness until the Forest Service opens those trails.

The Forest Service has exempted Aspen Grove trail and allowed access to the Aspen Grove area from the trailhead to the wilderness boundary, about 1/4 mile, so that people can view the aspens changing color. A day use permit is required. Entry past the stream crossing or any other trail into the wilderness is prohibited.

NOTE: As of December 5, the gate at Hwy 38 was closed due to winter conditions. To hike into Aspen Grove trail area, you must park on Hwy 38 and hike approximately 2 miles to access the 200 yards of access trail that is open. THE TRAIL IS ONLY OPEN AS FAR AS THE STREAM CROSSING OFF ROAD 1N05. But you may hike anywhere outside the wilderness and enjoy a great experience without a wilderness permit.