Permit Availability

THIS IS NOT A REAL-TIME SYSTEM. This page will be updated at the end of each day except Tuesday and Wednesday nights. The idea of this calendar is to minimize rejection of permits. It is still possible to submit a request and if someone has submitted a request before you on the same day, yours would be rejected. THIS IS NOT A REAL TIME SYSTEM.
Only available sites are listed. If you don’t see a site listed, it’s full. OV prefix is for overnight camps.
IF YOUR DESIRED SITE IS NOT AVAILABLE: There are “day of issue” permits available for each trail. These permits are issued in the morning at the Mill Creek Ranger Station. These “day of issue” permits go very quickly; there is usually a line when the office opens on Saturday and Sunday.

Permit Form Page

Effective 9/1/17 Day Hikes will not be limited to a quota. All Day Hikes have become available for each date in the calendar. If you were previously denied for a Day Hike, you can resubmit your request to get approval. Self Issue forms will also be available for all open trails.

Quotas on Overnight camps remain in effect and availability is reflected in the calendar below.